Location: Bandra, Mumbai.

Last Ship Residency, Mumbai


About work

The disorder of a city is a surface character coupled with its own internal logic. Similar juxtaposition can be drawn from the built spaces around us, which sprawls in every possible manner. Our deficit understanding of this phenomenon sometimes causes us to think this is something supernatural or magical process in itself. As the cities are rapidly transforming into concrete jungle, where the life is constantly constrained into smaller cubes. But at the same time a city grows without any preconceived given format. The unpredictable formal dynamics of any city leads our awe still trying to match terms with the change. Moving from a small city to a metropolis (for residency) bewildered my imagination, intent to touch upon the inherent ethos of the city; I tried more to understand the construction named “Mumbai”.

Through the body of work my contention is to draw parallels with the process of organic development and the dynamics of life. Cities are such chains of complex relations, which support, preserve and propagate life. In return we achieve formal construction, which generates beauty and sublimity that I call “Mumbai”.

Medium: Multiple Etching Prints, Photographs, Single Channel Video.