Location: Vadodara, India.

L’Ecart Lieu D’Art Actuel, Quebec.


About work

Cornered stories – Curator Charlie Levine and Artist Vishwa shroff invited a group of artists, architects, thinkers and creatives to think about a [type of] corner that means something to them and to then write/illustrate something about it. It could be factual, fictional or illustrative.

Curators Note – The functionality of a corner is fairly obvious. Anyone who has built a lego house or tried to make a paper airplane knows how important a fold or corner is to enhancing strength – a corner creates sides, angles, voids and structure. We know the ingenuity of it in terms of architecture, building and making but we also know of the emotional connotations of a corner, being put it in the corner, etc., the dismissive act of the unimportance of an interior corner. Unlike that of an external one, perhaps, where you cannot stand within it but you can hide behind it. In either interior or exterior guise it is safe, a place offering protection or for reflection. The corner is a place we take for granted, a place ignored and a space only of functionality.

Intervention – I am looking at corner with a formalistic understanding, as a ‘form’, which can change the perspective and meaning of it by changing one’s position of observation.

Medium: Single channel stopmotion video.
Year: 2016